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SCAM ALERT!!   A nationwide phone and email scam is targeting utility customers, including COOPERATIVE MEMBERS, by sending bogus email invoices directing them to a virus-infected site, or phone calls threatening disconnection of service if they do not authorize a phone payment with a credit or debit card. Read more...




DECEPTIVE PAYMENT PRACTICE BEING USED! is posing as a processing center for Tricounty Rural Electric. Please do not use, as this is NOT a legitimate pay website for Tricounty Rural Electric.

Budget Billing

Tricounty Rural Electric Cooperative offers a budget billing option.  This option gives you a convenient way to plan your budget by allowing you to level your payments each month.  This is especially designed for consumers with an all-electric home with bills much higher in the winter as compared to the other months. 

The monthly budget amount is based on a 12 month consumption history.  Tricounty Electric bills the member a level amount based on the past usage history.  It continually adds the current month usage, dropping the oldest 12 month usage to reflect a new budget amount.  

The member must receive power from the cooperative for at least 12 months prior to the budget billing option being offered.  The twelve month history must also show net payments being received by the 25th of each month to qualify. 

The member must pay the net level billed amount by the 25th of each month.  FAILURE TO MAKE NET PAYMENTS ON TIME WILL AUTOMATICALLY REMOVE THE MEMBER FROM THE BUDGET BILLING PROGRAM. Budget billing may be cancelled by either party with a 30 day advance notice. 

Please call Tricounty Electric at 419-256-7900 to see if your account qualifies for Budget BillingIF APPROVED, print the attached form, sign, and return to Tricounty Rural Electric.

Budget Billing Agreeement




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