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SCAM ALERT!!   A nationwide phone and email scam is targeting utility customers, including COOPERATIVE MEMBERS, by sending bogus email invoices directing them to a virus-infected site, or phone calls threatening disconnection of service if they do not authorize a phone payment with a credit or debit card. Read more...




DECEPTIVE PAYMENT PRACTICE BEING USED! is posing as a processing center for Tricounty Rural Electric. Please do not use, as this is NOT a legitimate pay website for Tricounty Rural Electric.

Tricounty issues warning about popular "Pokemon Go" Games. Visit Safety/Alerts for more info. 

Pokemon Go - Game Warning

"Pokemon Go" Interactive Game Poses Safety Threat

Malinta, OH- Tricounty Rural Electric issued a warning today (July 14, 2016) regarding the hazards posed by the popular "Pokemon Go" interactive game, which encourages players to collect, battle, track, and capture Pokemon characters, in real-world settings.  In particular, gamers are challenged to go to specific locations to catch Pokemon, including sites such as electric substations. 


Tricounty Electric General Manager Brett Perkins warns people to steer clear of substations, transformers, poles, and utility equipment.  "Instruments and facilities used for the generation and transmission of electricity pose very real safety threats," says Perkins.  "Climbing a utility pole or a fence surrounding a substation is not only trespassing, it's just plain dangerous.  Serious injury, or worse, is a likely result.  Poles, substations, and transformers are for processing electricity-not for playing games"


The National Safety Council (NSC) released a statement on July 12 to alert the public to the fact that a number of injuries have resulted from people who play without regard to basic safety measures, as the game can cause distraction to pedestrians and drivers alike.  The Council urges people to consider their safety over their scores.


Some utilities have reported gamers "tailgating," or following employees who have swiped an access card, into power plants, so co-op staff members are asked to remain vigilant, as well.  In all cases of tailgating or distraction, call 911 and Tricounty Electric at 419-256-7900.



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